Guided meditations

Regular meditation can absolutely change your life. By attending to your inner world, you can artfully curate and address your outer world because what happens on the inside happens on the outside. Or, as witches say ‘as above, so below’. The above meaning literally heaven and figuratively the inner world (or the psyche/subconscious) and the below meaning literally on earth and figuratively the physical world.

I am a huge advocate for the tremendous healing power of narrative and storytelling and all my guided meditations are carefully created to take you on an inner journey. You can expect to be a different version of your existing self after each time you undertake one of the meditations.

Each meditation has been channelled during one of my own meditations (I have an extensive meditation practice) and I am a qualified yoga and meditation instructor and have studied Positive Psychology at TAFE and hypnosis with the Australian Success Academy. I also incorporate my profound writing skills to help to your conscious and subconscious mind effortlessly on a journey so you can really start to transform the way your mind works for you.

My recommendation is that you meditate every day, even if it is only five minutes. There are a range of free guided meditations available via my YouTube channel. If you have a specific issue or challenge you are facing (such as anxiety, insomnia, stress, confidence and more), you can order a custom made guided meditation that will be sent to you in audio format. Contact me for more details.

Free guided meditation and hypnosis journeys

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