aries february 2021

Aries February 2021

Aries February update

Not everything is about you Aries, so slow your roll before you assume that it’s personal. It’s not a personal attack, it really has nothing to do with you. Don’t assume that someone is out to get you or even was thinking about you when they said or did that thing.


If you can remove yourself entirely from the situation, when you replay it over in your mind, you’ll see that it’s just the person or situation doing its thing without you.


If you have any Buddhism or yogic knowledge, you might like to really engage the practice of non attachment here as it will be most helpful for your sanity and to dull your temper tantrum.

Themes for February:

Patience (ha!), detachment and mindfulness.

February affirmation:

It’s none of my business and that makes me happy.


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