Gemini 2021 overview

An overview of 201 for Gemini This year, Gemini, in true twin form half of you will be recluses and half will be more social than you are used to or have, perhaps, ever been in your life. Either way, you’re going […]

Capricorn January 2021

Capricorn January 2021 December 22 to January 21   Our dear steadfast goat, you will be drawn to walking, hiking and other outdoor settings but mostly, you will yearn to garden. If you’re not a gardener, you might just want more salads […]

Sagittarius January 2021

Sagittarius January 2021 November 22 to December 21   Oh darling. Lead with your heart. There’s a time in January 2021 when you heart will be running of its own accord and there is no better thing to do than just follow […]

Scorpio January 2021

Scorpio January 2021 October 22 to November 21   Powerhouse is your definitive word for January 2021. Everything you will do and undertake in January 2021 will be with a fixation on the highest potential and possibility and with an explosion of […]

Libra January 2021

Libra January 2021 September 23 to October 22   Higgledy-piggledy is the expression I hear when I tune into Libra for January 2021. For individuals and for the collective group of you. Some Libras are going left and some are going right […]

Virgo January 2021

Virgo January 2021 August 23 to September 22   Be free. Stop letting the burdens of life, in particular your life, get you down. You’ll start to sniff out a bit of freedom in the month of January 2021 and you’ll think […]

Leo January 2021

Leo January 2021 July 23 and August 22   You love the spotlight Leo. Not always, even though many think you are addicted to it. But when it is thrust upon you, you naturally know what to do in it and how […]