aquarius 2021

Aquarius 2021 overview

A 2021 overview for Aquarius

aquarius 2021

Things won’t always be smooth sailing this year as there may be unusual or unfamiliar terrain that will approach you, despite your best efforts. It’s totally out of your control so just know that nothing you can do can prevent it so accepting and relaxing is the best course of action.


This is also mingled with long stretches of steady patches, so overall it’s a good year but will prove more of an ‘up and down’ pattern than you are accustomed to.


There are bubbles: that could mean forming in your gut as anxiety or excitement or this could be quite a literal thing for some of you. Perhaps there are diving adventures on the horizon, fizzy drinks or beer brewing or champagne celebrations. A small percentage of you need to heed a health warning: perhaps you consume too many fizzy drinks or similar? If you listen, your body is already telling you what it doesn’t like.


Listen to your heart— always and about everything. Whether it’s an enjoyable experience or a troubling conundrum, even if you’re not well versed in hearing the answers, Spirit is encouraging you to listen to your heart. Like you would listen to a young toddler express their emotions and wants.

Major themes for 2021:

Patience, cultivating and appreciating steadiness, celebrations, peaks and valleys and learning a new way to navigate them that is peaceful for you.

Things to remember for 2021:

Just remember: the heart knows more than your mind ever will.

2021 affirmations:

Your 2021 affirmations:

My heart is never wrong.

I listen quietly to my heart and body.


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