libra 2021

Libra 2021 overview

Look what's up ahead, Libra

libra 2021

There is an exquisite and light energy to your 2021, Libra. I see threads of lavender and lilac purples, swim through the air and wisping past all that it touches.


This year, you will float around obstacles with a new sense of whimsy and you’ll kick yourself why you haven’t approached life this way years ago. Talk about path of least resistance: it’ll be even less than the least of resistance. Instead of trying to navigate or predict obstacles, you will just float through like pastel ether not even connecting with the solid matter that stands in your way.


You may question whether you are too disconnected but you’ll enjoy the sensation so much and start to see the benefits by March that it will not matter. It will be very rare for you to get into an argument or disagreement this year, Libra, for at best you will just float away.


It’s almost as if you have transformed into a fairy overnight, you whimsical beast, you! People could pay you to get some of your smoky vibes on weekends, that’s for sure.

Major themes of 2021:

Major themes for you include:

Not giving a sh*t more than you ever thought you could, floating away on a breeze, opening up your heart effortlessly and without pain, becoming anew.

Things to remember in 2021:

Just remember: you don’t have to be anchored to anything. That is a myth we have bought into.

2021 affirmations:

Your 2021 affirmations:

It’s safe for me to float away.

It’s okay for me to have nothing to stress about.


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