mercury in retrograde 2021

Mercury in retrograde 2021

Mercury in retrograde energy update

mercury in retrograde 2021

Currently, it’s Mercury in retrograde which means that it looks like Mercury has slowed down to a stop and is heading backwards from its orbit.


As Mercury is the planet that energetically rules communication, it’s often believed that when Mercury in retrograde hits that communication is absolutely borked. Messages go missing, there are undue miscommunications and misinterpretations, petty arguments, stuff gets lost in the mail (I mean… that’s nothing to do with the planets in Australia but more to do with the despicable postal service). Astrologers will warn not to sign any contracts without thoroughly reading them and double checking that you actually sent the email that you were meant to send. Mercury also rules expression, so you might find that teenagers and toddlers are experiencing increased frustration as they can’t express themselves fully and clearly as they would like to.


For me, Mercury in retrograde has a very different energy. I don’t often find that it affects my communication channels that much. Invariably, I do tend to have one minor tech issue each mercury in retrograde period or Facebook will go down globally for an hour or something. Nothing too drastic.


But what I do find, is that I get completely exhausted and wiped out. And when I’m wiped out, I can’t seem to summon the energy to text, email or communicate with people because it’s hard to put thought and care into what I say.


I don’t fear Mercury in Retrograde like others do because I love it as an opportunity to be really mindful of the words and texts that I put out there and consciously use love and care in my communications, with clients, friends and family. And even strangers on social media. And it can never hurt to thoroughly check any paperwork, forms or contracts anyway, right?


You can expect Mercury in Retrograde from 30 January to 20 February 2021.


Here are some channelled messages about the Mercury in retrograde energy for you:


It’s okay to slow down. It might feel counterintuitive but nothing can be harmed from slowing down and double checking everything. And by everything, this means from how you feel in any given moment to whether you have spellchecked that important email.


There will be many pockets of stillness during this Mercury in retrograde period and they are there for you take to a breath and recalibrate yourself, especially if you are in the middle of chaos. I’m feeling like there will be an hour available each day for everyone reading this to completely stop or slow down and get still. Take advantage of this, knowing that it will not put you behind and that things will “get done” and will be taken care of.


I’m feeling like there’s a very Pisces energy about during Mercury in retrograde even though it’s not quite Pisces season yet. Perhaps there will be some build up for Pisces to come. You can expect some deep, flowing imaginative experiences and daydreamy like feelings. If you’re a musician, poet, writer, artist or similar kind of creative, you will be called to deepen your practice in a new way that is meaningful for you, although it might be uncomfortable or seem strange at first. But it will connect to your audience in a new way.

Mercury in retrograde mantra:

If you’re ready to be who you are, why not start now?

Perfect track for Mercury in retrograde vibes:


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