Leo full moon update

Leo full moon update

leo full moon

During and after the Leo full moon a lot of things will be intensified for if there is one thing that Leos love just as much as living languidly it is intensity. The intensity will indeed pass so just let it be fore now, without becoming attached to what it means and how you can control.


If you would like to capitalise on this intense energy- which might feel a lot like a sharp, sudden desire to do something or an incredible boost of motivation out of nowhere, a scattered type feeling, unusual vibrancy or urge to be front and centre of something. You might just want to let your hair down for a night or too, also. It’s okay to go with the flow with these feelings during this time.


Performers and artists, this is your time you’ve come out of an important incubation phase and you are ready to start to shine again as work opportunities increase. Or you might be getting to put on a show, getting your artwork out into public or hitting publish or send on that book. The energy and momentum are available to you right now for all this.


There is a lot of excitement coming from a heart space, so don’t be surprised if you feel more connected to those around you and meet someone new that you just connect with. It might be a brief connection (and not necessarily romantic) but someone you meet at a party or a group or workshop that you think to yourself ‘ahhh, they’re just like me!’ and then you barely seen them ever again except when you most need to in life. These kinds of connections are precious and divinely orchestrated.


If you have been working on your courage or boldness lately, you will notice a genuine shift and where things were once terrifying and anxiety inducing to “put yourself out there”— whether that is making a phone call, sending an email to introduce yourself or doing a Facebook live— it’s starting to feel much more natural and okay by the day. It’s less “icky” than it was for you in the past.

Leo full moon mantra

The current full moon mantra is:

When I shine, others shine.



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