Here is a small collection of living symbols (often seen as repetitive signs) that you might recognise from dreams or with your tasseography

This will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back. If you are having trouble working out a specific symbol, please let me know and I will intuit a meaning for you. This page currently details living symbols (plants, animals etc). These symbols are general and can be applied in most cases. However, I’m a total advocate for things being very personalised and individual. If you get a strong hunch that the mouse you keep seeing everywhere is trying to tell you something about your finances, then you are probably right!

List of symbols

Ants: working as a team, cooperation, structure, preparation. 

Baby: you’re about to embark on a new project (for me, it’s often starting a new book or blog). Or, it could be quite literally a new baby on the horizon. For you or someone close to you. 


Bees: activity, communication, industriousness and community.

Butterfly: transformation, emerging, the right ideas, someone in Heaven who is watching over you.

Birds: I believe that birds deliver messages. I often have various types of birds sing outside my bedroom window (of various residences) at odd hours of the day and night. I trust that my subconscious is absorbing their messages being sung to me, even though I am not fluent in bird!

Cricket/cicada: the perfect timing, doing something just for the love of it.

Crow: ancient wisdom that can come in the form of old school witches, superstitions and herbalism. They also can provide a strong warning.

Dolphin: play, nurture, joy, helping others. This can come as a clearcut, undeniable sign that what you’re about to do is absolutely for your highest good. Like the day I decided to quit my job and work for myself, a dolphin somersaulted out of the water and certainly got my attention!

symbols dragonfly

Dragonflies: luck, seeing through an illusion, enlightenment. 

Elephants: eternal wisdom and clearing of obstacles. Let the elephant guide and clear your path to success.

Feather: you are dearly looked after. Perhaps by angels or loved ones who have passed over. 

Flower: new life (often in the form of creativity blossoming) or something beautiful will appear. 

Goldfish: success and luck. Furthermore, you have the Midas touch and everything you are currently doing is turning to gold!

symbols green beetle

Green beetles (like rain beetles etc): this is a very positive sign for your finances, if you’ve just asked for a specific amount of money, rest assured it’s on its way to you right now. It signifies financial abundance.

symbols lady bird

Ladybirds: the bug of love! Love and romance or a positive partnership is heading your way. Or if you’ve just made a big wish, it’s about to come true!

Lion: loyalty, a fierce protectiveness, the need to be bold and fearless. In business or creative pursuits, it could mean to take things slowly but surely as you steadily plod along towards your goals.

Lizards: relax; soak in the experience of what you are going through. Have a break, engage in deep rest, and take things slowly and luxuriously. It’s also a message to be resourceful and sturdy, rather than whimsical in your current state.

Praying mantis: a spiritual guide, stillness and patience. What’s more is that it symbolises the need for silence and contemplation.

Rat: there is a liar in your midst!

Scorpion: passion and a desire to sting someone (or lash out) for you own protection. Probably because someone is untrustworthy.

Snakes: shedding of old skin (something that no longer serves you), deception, temptation, the need to let go of fear.

symbols spider

Spider: we are all one, connected together by the web of life. It also means wisdom, protection and you are on the right track. If it’s an orb spider, it’s even more meaningful as they are purported to tell a complete narrative within their web. Have you ever looked at an orb spider’s web? It can tell your future.

Whale: deep perception and navigation, emotions.

Wolf: a stoic protector and ruthless seeker. The wolf advises you to attack what you want with vigour right now.