Virgo 2021 overview

What does the Virgo 2021 year look like?


virgo 2021

Yes, Virgos will be busy throughout 2021 (probably too busy to even read this) but it’s not the main message here. There’s really no need to worry as much as you do, Virgo. You’re going to spend a lot of time worrying (at least you are pointed that way from this point of time) and it’s encouraged to try really hard to put a spoke in the wheel of worry as soon and as often as you can to break the habit of worrying. Honestly, there are far better things to be doing with your mind and life and worry serves no purpose. Also know that it certainly is possible to change your habits and mind and that worry is not a natural state of existence: there is another way to live.

Worry aside, there is a fresh vibe to your year. Kind of like fresh air or a breeze curling through your life bringing you a few new opportunities or people. This comes through mid way through the year and breaks up the monotony that you tend to believe you are bound by.

Consider bringing in more fresh flowers, growing them, gifting them or even ‘stopping to smell the flowers’ more often (meaning: slow down and appreciate your surroundings and the present moment).

If there are some of you Virgos thinking about buying or making pastries: consider this your confirmation to go ahead!



Major themes of 2021:

Major themes for you include: overworking, busyness, the art of purposefully slowing down, getting some gains, refining your home and homestyle items.

Things to remember in 2021:

Just remember: hustling is struggling and hard work.

2021 affirmations:

It is safe for me to slow down and know that everything will get done regardless.

Being patient is one of the strongest ways to be kind.



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This is channelled guidance from Conversations with Maggie.


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