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Leo 2021 overview

What’s ahead in the year 2021 for Leo?

leo 2021

Tricky one Leo. There are tricks afoot: whether people are deliberately trying to deceive you or you are trying to deceive yourself or even just delving more into the mystical so that your life never seems the same.

The ability to freeze, the ability to see things as they truly are (whether they have happened yet or not) is going to be the biggest gift to embrace this year. You’ve done the legwork, now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and sit back and watch the unfolding around you. That couple you thought would break up, does. That business you thought would fail, does. The person you think is better than they realise, finally sees their worth. If ever there was a time to be smug, it’s this year.

2021 might just be your favourite TV show yet!

You’ve waited patiently for awhile now. And Leo, patience is not your strength so kudos to you times a hundred. But now, finally, it’s starting to pay off throughout 2021. In big and little ways: there will be little wins and huge wins and there will be some kind of an avalanche effect so that once something clicks into place or that first thing comes through for you, everything else will tumble after it.

Everyone should have your luck in 2021, Leo. Read your January 2021 horoscope here.


Major themes for 2021:

Major themes: luck, Goddess vibes, caution, doing whatever the fk you want, freedom, memories returning.

Things to remember in 2021:

Just remember: not everyone has to agree with you and that’s better than fine.

2021 affirmations:

Your 2021 affirmation:

 I can save my roar for later.

I am a better version of myself every day.



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This is channelled guidance from Conversations with Maggie and is for your Leo sun sign.



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