capricorn 2021

Capricorn 2021 overview

What does your 2021 look like, Capricorn?

capricorn 2021

Another sun sign that is getting the prompt to slow down and relax and prevent burnout during 2021. I don’t know why so many of you are determined to absolutely run yourself ragged through work, projects and social life.

You are often admired for your work ethic, or at least how you present yourself as a hard worker and someone who is a dedicated employee or boss. But the truth is that not a lot of people would trade places with you. In fact, they are often glad you are the one working as hard and as much as you do. On one hand, that’s fine because you should only live your life and not other people’s but on the other hand if no one envies your life, is it really that great? Only you can answer that. And if you do find, through some gentle self probing, that it’s not that great, then only you have the power to alter your life to something that is true to your inner desires.


The sense is though that you might not make this change throughout 2021 but, rather, your workaholism and dedicated to work will be highlighted and will be solidified so that come 2022, you will have enough data to make an informed decision of how you want your life to be. And it’s totally okay if you want to end up working more during 2022. It’s your life!

Major themes for 2021:

Major themes for you include: workaholism, retreat, frivolity versus functionality,

Just remember:

Just remember: this blog post when you continuously find yourself saying ‘now, where did I put my head?’ throughout the year.

2021 affirmation:

I have more value than my work.


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