new year guided meditation

New Year Guided Meditation – refresh your life

An uplifting guided meditation

new year guided meditation


With the new year comes a brand new opportunity to create and live a life that is satisfying, enriching and joyful.

This quick meditation is specifically designed to be uplifting and positive and will create a strong intention to help you create the life you’ve always wanted to have.

Start the year off well with this beautiful and optimistic guided meditation journey.

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Directions: you can do this meditation once or frequently throughout January. It’s designed so that you can do it first thing in the morning or late at night- or whenever you have ten minutes to yourself. For extra intense results, be sure to do the induction meditation first (link below) and for those who are REALLY, TRULY ready for their lives to change for the better, be sure to do it in conjunction with the Willingness to Change hypnosis (link below).

Disclaimer: remember that this is never intended to be used as a substitute for medical or professional advice and you should always see your licensed physician or health professional for that kind of advice. This is intended for entertainment purposes only. And you agree to take any responsibility for your actions in your own life as a result of watching this video.


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