sagittarius 2021

Sagittarius 2021 overview

Sagittarius 2021 overview

sagittarius 2021

Settle the fk down.

You are in a whirlwind for most of the year. For some of you this will manifest through whirlwind romances that are untethered and unhinged and leave you feeling like a strung out junkie. Is it really worth it to go through the intensity and chaos if it’s going to leave you depleted, thinned out and sketchy? I would say no but you might beg to differ.

Arguments, disagreements, struggles for control and misunderstandings abound and are speckled throughout the year and is mainly borne from your energy of wanting to get things done, and quickly. You’re on a warpath and it can cause a bit of
flying debris in your wake.

If you’re interested in combatting this consider regular meditation, slowing down, being mindful of your surroundings and those around you and applying a methodical, tactical approach.

You are more Scorpio like than ever before this year, so you might like to learn more about what Scorpios are like to help you understand yourself better.

Major themes for 2021:

Major themes for you include: control, chaos, absurdity, freedom (lack of and desire for), playing the waiting game.

Just remember:

Just remember: Love is from the heart, not the mind.

2021 affirmations:

Everything will happen in the right time.

It’s okay to be me.


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Scorpio 2021 overview

2nd January, 2021