scorpio 2021

Scorpio 2021 overview

What's ahead for Scorpio during 2021?

scorpio 2021

There is much to expect but mostly it will appear in small fragments and increments. Lots of subtleties at play, both in terms of subtle shifts and changes throughout the year and in terms of subtle energies affecting you. This might mean that you need to spend some time away from certain people, places and things and alter
your habits and consumption in tiny ways. For some of you that may mean cutting back on coffee or sugar or sleeping in on weekends and staying away from busy shopping centres.

The word purity is leaping out at me. Purity of thoughts and mind- build a habit of thinking more wholesome thoughts, particularly about yourself and your life. You deserve to be happy and having a cleaner mental scape is the absolute best place to start to create
a foundation for happiness.

There are a pocket of you Scorpios that are working towards or are considering purity of body. This means different things for different people but there are some of you that want to stop taking drugs or drinking, some that want to engage in some ancient and cultural purification rituals and lots who generally just want to live cleaner and have a healthier body. Spring is a good time to get serious about this, if you want it.

There are going to be times through the year when you are really going to have to walk the talk. If this relates to the purification and cleanliness mentioned above, then your energy would be better spent focusing on your preferred habits rather than telling or
convincing others about it. It’s none of their business and it’s none of yours what they think. Just focus on what you want to bring into your life.

Some Scorpios might find assistance with green tea. But I don’t blame you if you don’t want to drink it (I personally hate it and it hurts my stomach).

Major themes for 2021:

purification, love (self and romantic), embodiment, wholeness and wholesomeness.

Just remember:

Just remember: You can’t convince others that you are right and it’s not your job to.

2021 affirmations:

If my thoughts are clean and light, then so is my body.

This is channelled guidance for your astrological sun sign from Conversations with Maggie.


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