pisces 2021

Pisces 2021 overview

A year ahead: Pisces 2021

pisces 2021

Like a fish swimming upstream, you’re going to feel stuck many times over 2021. This sounds annoying and painful to hear but consider what a magnanimous lesson this is for you. You’re going to quickly and artfully develop useful skills in tenacity, resilience and learning to navigating feeling stuck (and the impatience that comes with) with ease and grace and once this lesson is solidified, you’ll never have to worry again because you’ll be able to apply it to and for the rest of your life.


I wouldn’t expect that you will have to have any more than two or three trials of stuckness throughout 2021, Pisces. Some of you will (depending on your moon sign) will not muck about and within the first sniffs of this stuck feeling will create a personal, internal roadmap that you will use to pull yourself out of it time and time again.


It’s also totally okay to be stuck and revel in it for a time too. Many gifts can be unearthed and brewed within this stuckness.

Major themes in 2021:

Major themes for you include:

Feeling stuck, impatience, laziness, feeling burdened, unwilling to be uncouth to get what you want.


Things to remember in 2021:

Just remember: There is no such thing as time, so take yours.

2021 affirmation:

When I feel stuck, I’m actually stretching.



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