gemini 2021

Gemini 2021 overview

An overview of 201 for Gemini

gemini 2021

This year, Gemini, in true twin form half of you will be recluses and half will be more social than you are used to or have, perhaps, ever been in your life. Either way, you’re going to take it in your stride and try it on for a little while to see how it fits. By the end of the year, you’ll decide what kind of balance you want to strike when it comes to socialising, down time and your introversion and extraversion. Call it the year of experimentation, if you will.


Go with the flow until you reach the year’s end and by then the decision will be clear and made for you. There’s not really anything you have to do or control here.


Know that there is a good opportunity here for you to do something you really enjoy and that brings you true joy that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to. For some, this might be an outrageously noisy party that would normally have you avoiding or a week of complete silence (think no talking, to TV, no podcasts or music…) which ordinarily would drive you batty.


There might be many moments throughout 2021 when you consider saying ‘who am I?’ as you venture into uncharted territory and what others take for granted or adhere to so easily yet is unfamiliar for you. A year to see a different side of yourself that is neither unpleasant or mindblowing.

Major themes for 2021:

Major themes for you include:

Socialising, lightness, frivolity, outgoingness, dispersing comfort zones.

Just remember in 2021:

Just remember:

You can always go back to your reclusion later.

2021 affirmation:

Your 2021 affirmation:

I am interesting and this experience is interesting.

This is channelled guidance from Conversations with Maggie.


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