leo january 2021

Leo January 2021

Leo January 2021

July 23 and August 22


You love the spotlight Leo. Not always, even though many think you are addicted to it. But when it is thrust upon you, you naturally know what to do in it and how to work with it in a way that is casual, natural and appealing. January 2021 will be a time when the spotlight gets turned onto you. Think of the Universe and its forces as a stage crew who are manipulating things behind the scenes so that you get much more stage or air time than you were prepared for or think you needed.


Advice is to always be at the ready with your hair done, the shiniest of outfits and small monologue ready to go. Don’t worry about bringing others into the light with you— this is your time to shine and everyone is happy for that to be so. Giddy up lions.

leo january 2021


Channelled guidance for your sun sign for the month of January 2021.




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