cancer january 2021

Cancer January 2021

Cancer January 2021

June 21 to July 22


Slow the fkk down, for goodness sake! Life is not a race and this year is not a race to get it over and done with before it has even properly begun.


January 2021 is a month for you to do something extraordinary. Something unusual, unique to you and what others might consider off the beaten track. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but if there’s a little tug in your heart to do something that you wouldn’t normally do or that might take a little extra planning or courage then this is the perfect month to pursue it.


It barely even matters if it goes according to plan or heralds the outcome that you want for this is an adventure, an opportunity that you won’t forget in a hurry and is changing you from within- for the absolute better.


The images that I see look like camping or outdoor adventures or dancing or something that is a different extra curricular activity than you normally indulge in. For some of you it will involve ropes…

cancer january 2021


Channelled guidance for your sun sign for the month of January 2021.



Gemini January 2021

22nd December, 2020

Leo January 2021

26th December, 2020