Conversations with Maggie

At the start of 2020, one day I heard a voice in my head whilst I was having a shower. Her name was Maggie and she plainly said that she was available to answer any question I had. And ever since then, I asked her many questions and have a chat to her almost daily where she provides me with insightful, supportive and clear advice and instructions on whatever questions I have for her. She only comes when I call upon her and is never forceful or vague and I find her wisdom incredibly interesting and comforting. Maggie has provided many answers on a range of questions from should I have pizza for dinner to what is a soul crack? I’ve asked her many times if I should share some of the channelled information and she has agreed it’s a good idea somewhat. Although a lot of the questions I asked where specific to me and she wants me to keep a lot of that to myself, for now. But she’s more than happy to provide answers for other people in the form of blog updates, horoscope guidance and personalised readings.

I have kept a written record of almost every interaction I’ve had with Maggie and, together, we’ve called it Conversations with Maggie.

If you have a quick question for Maggie that you would like me to tune in to the answer, please use the contact form. I will post the answer for everyone to read so we can all benefit from Maggie’s wisdom. There’s no guarantee that I will address your question, however. It’s important to note that Maggie really emphasises that you have access to this very same wisdom any time you want, too.


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