taurus 2021

Taurus 2021 overview

taurus 2021

A few big changes are on the horizon for you Taurus. Plenty to do and see this year for you as well. There’s adventure afoot and possibly even a holiday or two (or the new way of holidaying or retreat given restrictions).

Some of you will celebrate something with a loved one— lots of anniversaries and weddings are prominent this year for you. This means that some of you will start taking these occasions more seriously and they will become more significant for you as you become more aware, more mindful and more in the mood to do something special for them.

Be brave in some of the things you attempt this year, Taurus. There’s a sense of beauty and boldness: whether your bravery is making you more beautiful or for some of you it’s a literal physical transformation where you are investing more time and doing something new and a little risky with your looks and style (eg a very different hair colour than you ordinarily have).

The beach will appeal to a lot of you and I’m getting visions of razorfish and their beautiful midnight blue razor shells.

Major themes include:

Major themes for you include: bravery, courage, nesting, the need to escape, identifying the microcosm and macrocosm parallels. Some will enjoy all themes and some will enjoy a combination of and some will focus heavily on one of these themes during 2021.

Just remember:

Just remember: that it’s okay to be at peace no matter what is happening
around you or within you. It’s okay to feel joy at a funeral.

2021 affirmation:

Your 2021 affirmations:

Beauty is the boldness that I behold.
I am a queen/king to my own boldness.

This is channelled guidance from Conversations with Maggie.



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