How to do tasseography

Here’s how to do tasseography. Also known as coffee scrying. Firstly, brew your coffee overnight being sure to source ethically traded beans that have been handpicked according to your zodiac sign.

Kidding. I’m a full blown modern witch that lives life in 2019 and am busy as shit. So, as my Nespresso machine heats up, I set an intention as to what I want my coffee to reveal or shed some insight on.

Often, because of the irony of not having had my first coffee yet, I can’t quite cogitate a reasonable request. So, I set an intention of ‘please tell me what I need to know today.’ Which is technically asking for trouble in the form of a full blown mythological story in one cup. Two monsters, one cup, amirite?

Tasseography symbols

Be sure to look for symbols, images, stories, anything meaningful TO YOU in the cup.

To me, the symbols are obvious. Both upon pour in the froth/crème and or when the cup has been drained and there are some coffee stains and residue left at the bottom or around the sides. I continue to hold the same intention as I drink the cup. You might even discover a linear narrative from first symbols to bottom of the cup images – that could be quite the journey and you MUST tell me about it. 

It is, in all, a meditative process. And as most traditional tea drinking ceremonies and activities are intended. Furthermore, it works best with white or light coloured cups. What’s more, it works even better if you have a special, sacred mug that only you use.

Traditionally, tasseography used coffee grounds and drained tea leaves (at the bottom of a finished cup) to scry messages and symbols. Which works well too. But I’m not above a loveheart or angel wings appearing in my latte foam. 

tasseography mug

Technically, this kind of scrying method could be used for hot chocolate, beer and possibly wine. I have been known to scry into people’s gin and tonics at the pub on occasion. Whatever makes you happy, truly. 

Although there are many common meanings and universal symbolism in images- think of a loveheart as an example- ultimately, what you see and interpret is entirely personal to you (or the person you are scrying for). Just like doing the tarot or anything other method of divination. If you’re unsure, always pick the most helpful answer or possibility. 

The tasseography steps:

  1. Set intention
  2. Make coffee
  3. Look for symbols
  4. Continue intention whilst drinking
  5. Review for any final symbols
  6. Record your symbols

Drinking coffee

And yes, my fitness instructor-cum-dance teacher totally judges me for having three (four?) coffees a day, I’ll have it known that I DO NOT HAVE MUCH LEFT IN LIFE SO LET ME HAVE MY COFFEE. 

I *don’t drink (I’ve had two red wines TOTAL in the past four months). I don’t eat sugar and I don’t smoke. My carbs are mostly restricted to (gulp) let’s just say “not many” grams per day. Plus, I never do drugs and I don’t have late nights. Fresh air is BAE. And I work out five to seven times a week. Let. Me. Have. Something that society deems unhealthy (is it though?). 

Are you a fan of tasseography? Send me your coffee pics via Instagram or comments below.

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